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I am fascinated by technology and science in general. I take anything that moves, buzzes or whirrs as a plausible foundation to inspire future research directions. However, there are certain areas of engineering I feel especially related to.

Research interests

My current research is largely based on the application of computationally efficient model predictive control (MPC) algorithms on systems of active vibration control (AVC). I am interested in active vibration attenuation, active noise control and the practical application of smart materials such as piezoceramics, shape memory alloys (SMA), and electroactive polymers (EAP) in vibration damping. Moreover, I am also concerned with the implementation particulars of novel and computationally effective model predictive algorithms and other advanced control systems.

As my formal education is based on mechatronics and its affiliated fields, I like combining all these aspects into my work. I am not only interested in the theoretical foundations of control algorithms or pure simulation studies, but following-up the implementation process and its challenges as well.

Laboratory work

I don't consider myself as a pure theoretical scientist. I like to get my hands dirty, and most of the time I am buried in the laboratory under a big heap of wires. I have experience in designing, setting up and performing experiments. I also have a background in the grounds-up construction of experimental devices. I routinely work with laboratory systems and equipment such as: rapid control software prototyping platforms, vibration exciters, laser triangulation systems, piezoceramics, shape memory alloys, oscilloscopes, signal generators, measurement cards, capacitive operational amplifiers, current amplifiers, etc.

Teaching experience

I am currently involved in teaching courses for fourth and fifth year engineering students specialized in mechatronics or control engineering. The courses I am currently teaching are the Theory of Digital Control Systems and the Theory of Advanced Control Systems. I strongly believe in project-based education and the power of self-study.

Computer skills

My work routinely requires the use and application of several advanced engineering-related computer software, such as control systems design in Matlab, Simulink, xPC Target; finite element modeling and analysis in ANSYS and Comsol Multiphysics, programing in Matlab, C and APDL. I have a background in graphics and DTP software including LaTeX, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Visio and Adobe Flash.

Selected publications

In case you are interested in my complete publication list, you may read it online or download it as a PDF file. Alternatively, some of my recent selected publications are listed here: